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Featured Member – July 2019 – Sharon Grinwald

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Today, we’re excited to say that Sharon Grinwald is July’s featured member! So, let’s just get right into it!

Sharon initially found CrossFit in her search for a way to get fit, become stronger, and stay active. “I came across [CrossFit Training Yard], and tried a class and I loved it! I knew I wanted to stick with it because it was such a good vibe and there were enough available time slots to accommodate my schedule. Everyone was really kind and welcoming and it made me want to continue even more. It’s only been a few months and I’ve already had such great results!”

Of course, I had to ask about some of the results she’s been seeing and she said, “Well, this week, I made it to the top of the rope climb which was totally awesome! I didn’t believe in my own strength at first but I made it all the way!” She also says she’s feeling pretty good about pull ups with a band and she’s working on getting into a handstand.

So awesome!! You know what else is awesome? What she does for a living. Sharon is a Developmental Therapist for kids with Autism. She also works at a recording studio where she produces music and plays the piano! Check out a sample of one of her recent projects here!

I majored in Psychology in college and was always interested in the human mind. After college, I went to audio engineering school and worked for a couple music recording studios once I was done, but I wanted more for my life and this job kind of found me. I started working and realized that I could really help people, and making even the smallest of impacts on anyone’s life became a very incredible feeling through this job.”

Alright, Sharon, we see you!! Keep going, keep working hard, and making a difference in peoples lives. You’re amazing and we can’t wait to see how you progess!!