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Toluca Lake’s Premier CrossFit Gym

CrossFit Training Yard was founded by CrossFit Games Athlete, Becca Voigt in 2014. Becca is not only a fierce competitor, but a passionate coach, who strives to help others reach their own personal fitness goals. We pride ourselves in our ability to expertly and safely improve human movement patterns, in turn developing the best physical adaptions of our athletes while avoiding injury.

What this really means is, in addition to helping you maximize your athletic performance, we will also help you be better prepared to tackle any daily challenges you may face: from unloading groceries to carrying your little-one up a flight of stairs. Whether you opt for group classes or private one-on-one coaching sessions, we are confident you will reach YOUR full athletic potential AND have fun in the process.

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Our Training Grounds

CrossFit Training Yard’s 4000 sq ft facility is fully loaded with all the equipment you desire to help you achieve your athletic goals, whether it be just to lose a few pounds or go to the CrossFit Games. In addition to our three separate indoor training areas, we have a custom built, 15 foot tall outdoor rope climbing rig. If you’re in the area, stop by for a visit - we’d love to show you around!

  • Fantastic drop-in experience, great gym, very good coaches and an even better crowd.

    Ben Q.

  • Started 4 months. Been going on and off. Becca the owner and the other coaches are incredibly skilled and incredibly kind. I couldn't have found a better place to go. There are people in class across all skill levels, and they do an amazing job in modifying and supporting each and every person. The culture at Training yard is one of excellence, support and kindness. Not that it is related but I have a hard name, and Becca made it a point to learn it and say it correctly- that says something. Glad to be here.

    Jack S.

  • Great culture and positive vibe here. Coaching is equally as good-the staff gave me some suggestions on how I can improve with some specific skill work, and were very thorough overall in coaching carefully through all movements executed in the workout. The space is well-stocked and maintained- very clean! This is my go-to place for drop-ins when in town for work. Felt right at home!

    Teresa C.