Our Classes

CrossFit Training Yard offers superior coaching and programming. We pride ourselves on developing athletes of all skill levels by providing an environment where they can grow incrementally. Each class is expertly handcrafted to build strength, endurance, and functional fitness. Our coaching staff will customize the workouts to meet your current ability and skill level to ensure your safety and efficiency through all movements. 

  • CrossFit

    Our flagship program is based on the CrossFit methodology’s prescription of “constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity.” Our CrossFit workouts combine gymnastics, weightlifting, and metabolic conditioning in varying degrees and durations to create unparalleled results. Our CrossFit classes build strength, endurance, agility, technical ability, and general awareness of body and mind by training movements that support functional ability and translate into real life.

  • BSX

    Our BSX program features cardio-based, boot camp style classes designed to build your engine! BSX provides a high-intensity, barbell-free challenge for people of all levels and abilities. Whether its weight loss or improved strength, BSX classes will help you build functional fitness and maximize your overall potential.

  • Barbell

    CrossFit Training Yard’s Barbell class is for athletes interested in developing their explosive power, mobility, and technical skill in weightlifting. With an entire hour and a half dedicated to the snatch, clean & jerk and their various progressions, athletes are able to dial in their lifts and accelerate their performance.

  • Mechanics

    The CFTY Mechanics class allows our members to work on a specific movement of their choice with the guidance of a CFTY Coach. From improving your jump rope skills to getting your first handstand push-up and everything in between, we are here to help you achieve your fitness goals!

    • Unlimited – 12 Month


      Billed Monthly

      • Unlimited class and open gym access, billed monthly, with 12 month commitment*
    • Unlimited – 6 Month


      Billed Monthly

      • Unlimited class and open gym access, billed monthly, with 6 month commitment.*
    • Month to Month


      Billed Monthly

      • Unlimited access to all classes and open gym, billed monthly with no contractual obligation
    • BSX™


      Billed Monthly

      • BSX™ Membership includes attendance to unlimited BSX™ classes each month†
    • Triple Weekly


      Billed Monthly

      • Up to 3 classes per week.


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