Blackboard – Home School by Becca Voigt

Home School is a non-linear, general physical preparedness program, appropriate for athletes of any age and ability. The workouts mirror those we do at our gym, CrossFit Training Yard, but include     movement and loading options that allow them to be performed with limited equipment.

What do you get with Home School?

  • Coach Becca will personally guide you through the whole session, from warm-up to workout. These daily videos are accessed directly through the SugarWOD app.
  • Daily warm-ups that are ever-changing and specific to the day’s workout.
  • Skills and drills that will help you master more advanced movements, from olympic lifting to gymnastics and everything in between.
  • Challenging workouts that are constantly varied, both in movements and duration.
  • Options that will allow you to perform the workouts with little to no equipment.
  • Access to the SugarWOD app which allows you to view the workouts, record your performance and share comments with other Home Schoolers!

Whether you have a fully equipped home gym, or no equipment at all, Home School is for you!