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Featured Member – August 2018 – Richard Buckeridge

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If you’re active on the CFTY Facebook group, you’ve probably come across some of this month’s Featured Member’s witty photo comments. Richard always brings an uplifting energy to the gym whether in person or online.

Richard’s fitness journey started off similarly to a lot of us, I’m sure – hiking with friends, then the DVD workout series “Insanity.” After adding in these at home workouts, one of his hiking buddies noticed that his hiking pace and stamina had been improving, and asked what he was doing differently. After describing what “Insanity” was like, that’s when this friend dropped the C-word. He said it sounded a lot like CrossFit, which Richard had never heard of before… thus opening the door that is the CrossFit rabbit hole. He and a couple friends took to the CrossFit Main-Site WODs. Eventually, as it often does, life got in the way of this version of “fitness and friends” and it got harder to make time together.

After venturing far enough down the rabbit hole and becoming a fan of the CrossFit Games, Richard decided to join a box in 2016. “Becca was one of my top 2 favorite athletes to watch compete, so, when I learned that she had a gym close by, I decided to check it out.”

He says. “Since joining the gym, I can sincerely say that on most days of the week the gym is the highlight of my day.” As far as knowing he was in the right place, he continues: “I’ve always burped a lot when I exercise and I was concerned that it might be an issue, but my first week there I heard Laci Knight and Kris Clever rip big ones, so I felt right at home.”

Some one of his favorite memories at CFTY is when he PR’d his deadlift and Dot caught it on video, and seeing Ace and Lily in it to win it on Hungry Hungry Hippos warm up day!

Richard typically dominates the heavy lifting movements, and when I asked him what a CF WOD named Richard would look like, he said, “I’ve always been a fan of workouts that resemble heavy grunt work, so if I was going to make up a WOD to be named after me it would have to be along those lines.” And proceeded to imagine a terrifying, potentially vomit inducing WOD including 7 rounds of sled pushes, adding sandbag carries, KB farmers carries, and OH Plate carries… where all the equipment eventually gets added to and removed from the sled.

Dear Richard, please don’t make us do that.
We’ll look to you for inspiration on those heavy lifting days!

Contributed by Lowdown correspondent Anna Dalton