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Featured Member – January 2019 – Gary Lister

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If you didn’t know already, Los Angeles is a melting pot of people from all over the world. A large percent of those people moved here in pursuit of a career in the entertainment industry, including myself. My path was in a completely different realm than this month’s featured member: Gary Lister, but now we’re both members at CFTY!

Originally from New York, Gary told me that he “moved to LA right after college to work in TV and movies (like everyone else.)” His first job in this new city was working as a news editor for CNN, which evolved into operations management and eventually editing trailers and TV commercials for movies like The Lion King, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Armageddon.  Now, well into his 30+ year career, he’s earned the title of Creative Director, where he manages other editors, writers, and designers. [I feel the pressure writing this article knowing he’s going to proof read it!]

Describing his career, he says “Honestly, looking back over the last 30+ years I’ve had a pretty good run. I’ve done award-winning work on some great films and TV shows. I’ve worked with good people, many of whom are friends, and I’ve lasted in a business that eats its young.” And “[I’ll keep] doing what I’m doing for as long as they’ll let me keep doing it.” “[It’s] as fun now as when I started.”

So, how did he get into CrossFit? Well, our very own Pablo was the gatekeeper. “I was cycling, “ he rides once tor twice each week with a local club or a few friends, “running, and doing some core exercises on my own [while] a friend of mine, Pablo Portillo kept telling me about CFTY, but I was hesitant to try it.” He started his intro classes in April, and has stuck with it for a few reasons:

“I like that CrossFit has a bit of everything; it’s competitive, but no matter your condition you can scale to participate, the social component, and every workout is different. It’s more fun and interesting than doing weights and cardio in a gym. Becca, Dot, and Eric are great at pushing you past what you think are your limits (without being a dick about it), and I get in a really good workout in an hour which I can easily fit into my schedule.”

There’s something about the little successes that come with staying consistent at Training Yard. When the coaches put that number on the board and you think “wait, you want me to do that HOW MANY TIMES?” or the weight they tell you to put on the bar is 5# heavier than you’re comfortable with…  and when the workout ends and you did way better than you thought you would. [How are they always right?] Gary is no stranger to that feeling either.

“I did 1,000 fucking step ups a few weeks ago. I don’t know many people my age that can do 50 step ups” He recalls. HELL YEAH, GARY! I’ve already said it to you once and I’ll say it again here, if I could high five you right now I would. You’ll continue to see improvements every day, and you have a whole community of us to celebrate each milestone with. I can’t wait to hear what you accomplish next!

contributed by Lowdown correspondent Anna Dalton