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Featured Member – November 2018 – Oliver Bronfenmajer

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Like most of us can probably agree by now, there is no community like the CFTY community. I know I keep tooting the collective horn here, but let’s be real. There’s a trend between all of our featured members thus far, and that continues this month with Oliver! 
Originally from Venezuela, Oliver moved to the U.S. in 2014. At the time, he didn’t know any English, so he made that his first priority. Leading up to his first CF experience, he was practicing his passion… skydiving!

Although he had been seven years strong in the skydiving world, he realized he had picked up some bad eating habits and laziness. It was time to make a change and he came across a gym that was just 5 minutes away from where he lived. 
“I feel so lucky that CrossFit Training Yard was right there, just 5 minutes away. I had no idea what CrossFit was at the time, so I decided I wanted to try something new. It was honestly so intimidating to see all the people in the class doing a workout that I NEVER imagined I was going to be able to do. It was an awesome experience and I got hooked. It was life changing for me.”

When I asked what made him stick with it from then on, he said, “Everything. The best coaches, the greatest community, everybody’s cheering for you. I had never seen a community so supportive of each other. The quality of the people that I’ve met is hard to find in other places. But overall, with CF and especially CFTY I’ve become physically and mentally stronger, which has improved everything I do. Setting new goals for the future and having the discipline that this requires is making me focused on things that really matter in life. It’s definitely making me a better human.”

He continues: “Every day I try to be a little bit better than the day before. The learning process is what keeps me motivated. I don’t know what tomorrow’s workout is, but I know I’ll be there doing it.”
Man. That’s good stuff. I’m honestly not sure how to close out this article because that was a mic drop right there. 

So, I’ll leave you with this thought: Do you feel like you’re becoming a better human too? I can definitely agree with Oliver on that one.

Contributed by Lowdown correspondent Anna Dalton