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Featured Member – September 2018 – Sabrina Pozzi

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If you’re like me and have never been to a 6am class, you may not have had the opportunity to cross paths with the wonderful Sabrina Pozzi.

Sabrina has a past rooted in athleticism – a former Division 1 Collegiate Beach Volleyball player, who also played professionally. Of course it would make sense for her to fit right in to this community, but she wasn’t convinced at first. When I asked what made her try CrossFit for the first time, she credits her colleague and friend Lisa Ryan. “[She] thought it would be a great fit to try CrossFit. She kept recommending it. Over. And over. And over. Finally, I bit and went by myself, without Lisa knowing.

She was looking for something that would combine a high level of competition with community and sportsmanship. “I missed that camaraderie and my team became like my family. Connection and belonging are important to me.” Not only was it the positive and challenging environment that she yearned for, but also “I wanted to be around strong women who would inspire me and I needed group competition.” (I’d say CFTY checks all those boxes, don’t you?) Sabrina continued “and [at Training Yard] I definitely am challenged every single workout.”

With those things in mind, what else kept her on this path in CrossFit? Non-judgement. “I had always been judged – on the court, sand, or just out and about in life. When I went to my first class, it was the first time I did not feel judged by my size. It was instant acceptance and a truly welcoming place, coaches and members alike. I knew then, these were my peeps (not the Easter kind, although those are good too… especially once they’re stale)

Sabrina is also a very talented photographer (who is currently running a sale on prints by the way!! and earned the coveted role as The Millers’ wedding photographer! Her work covers a wide range of subjects from landscapes, to pets, to athletes, to making her own line of motivational posters called “(Pozzi)tive Quotes.”

Sabrina, you’re the bomb, and although it’s very rare that we’re at the gym at the same time, I look forward to seeing you at the CFTY Fam events and the Open. If you’re also a 6am-er and you’re reading this, high five her for me!