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Featured Member – February 2019 – Tim Carolan

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I think that most of us, whether innately athletic or not, had reached a tipping point where we realized… “hey… I should probably go to the gym.” For this month’s featured member, Tim Carolan, he had that moment and then some. Not only did he find CrossFit for getting in shape, but it also became a place to get some relief from the “real world.”

Tim’s moment of realization was when he was playing beach volleyball with some friends. He said that within 2 minutes of playing, he was out of breath and had to sit out even though his friends kept encouraging him to get back up and play.

“I tried CrossFit for the first time because I wanted to get in shape. I also wanted something new and I wanted someone to push me to my limits every single workout. There are a lot of reasons I stuck with it. The first would be the coaches. They’re very supportive but they also know when I’m not pushing myself and get on my case about it. They also seem to care in general. I’m not the most talkative person, but they make a point to always get a few words out of me. I also enjoy it because it’s fun, I get to meet new people, do new workouts, and also find out what I need to improve.”

What Tim said next really resonated with me. He continued on saying that he doesn’t consider CFTY part of the “real world.” You see, Tim works in reality television, so his “real world” consists of egos, drama, tvs, social media, and to him it seems to be all people talk about.

“The thing that drives me insane are the egos within the industry, some people think they’re better than others and don’t really treat anyone with respect. When going to CFTY, none of that matters, everyone is equal, and everyone is there to better themselves and just enjoy life.”

Let me take this moment to remind you that Tim has only been doing CrossFit for 6 months!! Personally, I hope we can continue to uphold this level of equality, respect, and support on a daily basis so that it will always be, for all of us, the place we can escape to.

Although it’s only been 6 months, Tim has progressed by leaps and bounds since he first started!! To put it in perspective, he started not knowing how to do a handstand, but can now do HSPU!! What else? He’s got a BAR MUSCLE UP in his bag of tricks already.

“I remember doing my first bar muscle up actually. Dot was teaching the class and for some reason I just couldn’t get it. Then, Dot walks over to me while I’m hanging on the bar and yells at me “JUST DO IT!” [It] kind of scared me and I did it pretty easily. Haha.”

All that being said, thank you Tim for answering all my questions and giving us a great reminder of why it’s so important that we uphold all the values that Becca expects out of us every day. Always introducing ourselves to new people, supporting each other, and doing everything we can to keep the environment that we consider sacred, exactly that way. Lastly, this is the only article I get to give you before the Open begins, so let’s show Tim why being at Training Yard for 19.1 – 19.5 is AWESOME!!! There’s no place like CFTY, and I hope I can speak for you all when I say I love being part of this community.